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路煌表(ROADWIN )是瑞士萨米欧公司旗下品牌,始创于1928年,来自瑞士钟表业制造基地Moutier穆捷小镇, 2016年授权由漳州多普路公司代理品牌经营销售中国地区,专注私人定制腕表。


Roadwin is the brand name for luxury watches. This is the watch trademark of Charmillot Time SA since 1928. From the watch manufacturing base in Moutier, Switzerland.
伊夫斯.萨米欧离开了法国侍卫,回到了他的家乡穆捷小镇,在那里他开始研究钟表业的工作,保持警卫焦点的特殊能力使他成为一名优秀的制表师。 他的孙子继承了他的技能和技术,并开发了定制手表业务和设计。 他们的手表设计工作坊质量非凡,仅适合喜欢品牌和故事的富人。

Yves.Charmillot left the French guard and returned to his hometown of Moutier, where he began to study the work of the watch industry, and the special ability to maintain the focus of the guard made him an excellent watchmaker. His grandson inherited his skills and techniques and developed a custom watch business and design. Their watch design workshops are of exceptional quality and are only tailored to the wealthy who admire their brands and stories.
In 1978, his grandson founded Charmillot Time SA and worked with the watch movement factory Horlogère Suisse to provide luxury watch manufacturing services to well-known companies for greater success.
1978年,他的孙子创立了Charmillot Time SA,并与手表机芯工厂HorlogèreSuisse合作,为知名公司提供奢侈手表制造服务,以取得更大的成功。
2016年,漳州多普路电子获得ROADWIN路煌亚太及中国销售代理权;2017年9月,RoadWin 路煌品牌正式开启了中国的市场,致力打造个人专属定制腕表。
In 2016, Zhangzhou Toublue company get ROADWIN  obtained the sales agency rights of the brand in Asia-Pacific region and China. In September 2017, the RoadWin brand was officially launched in the Chinese market, dedicated to creating a personal custom-made watch.