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    Zhangzhou Shuguang Network Service Co., Ltd. is a company with many years of Zhangzhou website building and website design experience, professional website construction

companies, while small and medium enterprises in Zhangzhou leading web design, website construction, the company's business are: website building, web design, website design,

website promotion, website maintenance, program development, corporate e-commerce site construction. The company is committed to provide SMEs with a one-stop web promotion

services, Internet services company.

    "Sincere commitment to whole-hearted to do" is the eternal dawn of network service concept.
    Dawn of the richest network consists of enthusiastic, passionate young man on the Intranet component, with our young people the unique pioneering spirit and dedication of the

Internet industry, we are constantly in the creation of a "miracle", since its inception, the business is steadily to expand into a healthy and high-speed, stable period of


    Whether there was no Internet-based business or already have a perfect beginners portal business, we will, as the companies current situation, assess the business situation in

which competition in the industry and your position is given one of the most suitable solution ! Internet marketing to increase your strength, through the establishment of good

corporate image sites, comprehensive network of promotional methods, accurate keyword positioning for the company to bring endless stream of target customers. At the same time,

through the integration of electronic payment systems, the target customers and timely flow of resources into cash flow. We have set up a company from building a network to be

extended to generate sales, marketing, B2B/B2C e-commerce throughout the chain, to truly become your one-stop Internet service specialists.

    Zhangzhou Shuguang Network Service Co., Ltd. focus on the effectiveness of online marketing performance, not just to the customer to design a beautiful web site on the bin,

but also a full range of marketing is to help customers promote their website to allow customers to site or product through various channels and display in the target customer's

eyes, bringing a potential target user groups, to achieve order and benefits.